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Network Penetration Testing

Unlike the other penetration testing companies who focus on just scanning the network, looking for open ports, testing IDS/IPS systems and firewalls, testing for existing existing vulnerabilities. Such kind of penetration tests only prevent attackers who use automated tools and are looking for low hanging fruit. But these test fail badly in preventing targeted malicious attacks where all the focus of a hacker is to compromise your network or systems.

When we start a pentest we dont go by any manual or checklist to perform the testing. Instead we think from attacker's prespective. We at ASL IT Security during penetration tests opt the real world attacker's approach. We thoroughly plan and test that if your organization withstand real world attacks. We use all techniques which an attacker might use to penetrate your network and breach your security. Such penetration testing will help you to assess the real state of your organization's information security awareness and strength. In our long experience in penetration testing we have never seen an organisation which is 100% secure if similar tests are performed. Even the companies who recently had a pentest done were vulnerable.

What we cover

>> Client Side Exploits

>> 0 day Exploits

>> Private Exploitation Techniques

>> Phishing Attacks

>> Company Profiling

>> Social Engineering Attacks

>> Complete Network Scanning

>> Network Pivoting

>> Physical Security testing

>> Network transmissions

>> Data storage including files, databases, Windows registry, and the application’s executable and DLL files

>> Backdoor identification

>> Lack of data protection in transit

What You Will Get

While performing the pentest we will be in regular touch with you. If we find any critical vulnerability we will discuss with you prior to launching the attacks. After all the tests are completed we will provide you a detailed report of all the steps involved in the penetration test, vulnerabilities found and the attack points from where an attacker can breach the security. The report will also contain the precautions you should apply and recommendations by us to secure your organization

Web Application Penetration testing

The increased use of varied Web applications to handle confidential data is a concern for many organizations. While the comfortable interface of a Web-based application is certainly convenient, it is accompanied by an increased risk. Using Trustwave to conduct an application penetration test on Web-based applications provides clients with a comprehensive penetration test of the entire application environment. These applications can be both internally and externally facing requiring either onsite or offsite (remote) testing by our team of application security experts.

The days of just automated scanning are over. Today there is need for a lot more. We combine both manual testing and automated testing to uncover vulnerabilities in your applications, exploit them to describe the impact and risk associated and finally suggest recommendations on patching teh vulnerability.

First we try to identify the architecture and teh flow of the complete application. Then we identify the various attack points, try to gain access, escalate privilages etc. We do not leave any vector which may help an attacker to compromize your application.

Key Features

>> Expertise in manual testing skills

>> A broad set of commercial, open source, and proprietary tools

>> Well documented process

>> A current-to-the-minute knowledge base

>> A solid customer list

>> Detection of OWASP Top Ten, Web 2.0, and HTML5 vulnerabilities

>> Detection of Zero-day vulnerabilities in web applications

>> Manually tested PoC/exploit for each vulnerability

>> Manually customized remediation and solution for each vulnerability

>> Various solutions (source code modification, WAF rulesets, vendor patch)

>> Testing for backdoors, webshells and malware

>> Custom scripts, tools and exploits developed in-house

>> Top quality final remediation instruction and guidance

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About ASL IT Security

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