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Monitoring Tools and Payloads

ASL development team have capabilities to develop very stealth monitoring tools and payloads that can be used with exploits. Many times it is required to monitor your employees, children, spouse etc. We develop custom monitoring tools based on requirement of the clients. The most important thing in such tools is they are stealth and cannot be identified by any antivirus softwares. Our team have a good experiance in bypassing various antivirus softwares and other security products

Some times it is also required to use some custon payloads during penetration tests along with exploits. We can develop monitoring tools and payloads for almost every platform. Our payloads are undetectable, reliable and highly stealth.

Some of the tools we had already developed are:


>> Packers

>> Crypters

>> Android Monitoring Tool

>> Data backup and uploader

>> Network Sniffer Payload

>> Downloaders

>> and more...

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  •   +91 9899395593

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