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ISO 27001 audits

We provide ISO 27001 consulting and implementation support. This includes a phase wise approach that involves understanding business context to information security, information asset identification, information valuation, security valuation, technical and procedural risk assessment, gap analysis against ISO 27001 114 controls, detail recommendations, policy/documentation support, training, coaching employees/teams, coaching security managers, security performance setting, gap implementation monitoring, audit and management review leading to successful zero defect ISO 27001 - 2013 certification.

Our ISO 27001 consulting methodology ensures several benefits. This includes identification of all vulnerabilities in the Infrastructure be it related to technology, skill, vendor or locations. Top Management can clearly see the overall risk reduction in the organization and the way it is embedded in each business life cycle.

ISO 27001 has 11 domain areas, 39 control objectives and 133 controls in all. The security controls represent information security best practices and the standard suggests that these controls should be applied depending on the business requirements.

ISO 27001 suggests development and implementation of a structured Information Security Management System (ISMS), which governs the security implementation and monitoring in an enterprise. The standard is designed to serve as a single 'reference point for identifying the range of controls needed for most situations where information systems are used'.

Some of the benefits of implementing the ISO 27001 standard are as follows:

>> Brings your organization to compliance with legal, regulatory, and statutory requirements.

>> Market differentiation due to positive influence on company prestige.

>> Increases vendor status of your organization.

>> Increase in overall organizational efficiency and operational performance.

>> Minimizes internal and external risks to business continuity.

>> ISO 27001 certification is recognized on a worldwide basis.

>> Significantly limits security and privacy breaches.

>> Provides a process for Information Security and Corporate Governance.

>> Reduces operational risk while threats are assed and vulnerabilities are mitigated.

>> Provides your organization with continuous protection that allows for a flexible, effective, and defensible approach to security and privacy.

Our Approach:

>> Understanding the business context and relevance of information security is the starting point of ISO 27001 2013 implementation analysis.

>> Detail risk assessment/Gap analysis, including information asset identification, it security risk assessment including threats, impacts, vulnerabilities and probabilities resulting in identification of risks, and gaps. In addition we compare which of the ISO 27001 114 controls are applicable and relevant in implementing it risk management.

>> Implementation/measurement journey through definition of ISO 27001 policy/procedure/documentation on one hand and the implementation of risk based gaps on the other. This phase takes the maximum time

>> Internal Audit also referred as iso 27001 audit is the process of verifying successful ISO 27001 implementation, on one hand, and the inclusion of security principle in business lifecycle on the other

>> ISO 27001 Registration body certification
This has is two stages: Stage 1 – documentation, and, Stage 2 – implementation verification.

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