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Incident Response

How an organization identifies, reacts, and recovers from security incidents by hackers or anyone else with malicious intent, is referred to as “Incident Response.”

We have an organized approach toward managing the aftermath of security violations of your organization. If there is evidence to suggest a violation of your organization’s security posture, then a security incident has likely occurred and requires a response from you, or a qualified team such as the one we will provide. Security incidents can range from a simple policy violation, scans, compromises, denial of service attacks, and malware infestations, all the way to an insider stealing thousands of credit card numbers. Until investigated thoroughly, it is never clear what has truly occurred.

>> Highly trained team of experts

>> Detection and identification of incidents

>> Defensive and offensive approch to respont to incident

>> A very detailed report

>> Recovery and assistance.

>> Counter cyner intelligence

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  •   +91 9899395593

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