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Computer crime usually refers to some type of criminal activity where a computer is used as the source, tool, target, or place of a crime. These categories are not exhaustive, however most computer crime activities fall into in one or more or the categories. Additionally, although the terms computer crime and/or cyber-crime are more commonly used describing criminal activity in which the computer is a necessary part of the crime, these terms are also sometimes used to include traditional crimes, such as fraud, theft, blackmail, forgery, and embezzlement, in which computers are used. And as the use and in-depth knowledge of computers continues to grow, computer crimes continue to escalate into larger and more robust, creative and expensive crimes.

If you own a computer, your computer may be vulnerable to attacks from virtual criminals residing out of site. It is possible that even family members, friends and employees can use a computer (your computer) to engage in criminal activity. Since it is possible that you can be held liable for any crime committed with your computer - even if you are not the one committing the crime - you need to be knowledgeable about computer crime investigation options.

Private investigators can suggest many types of security systems for computer users:

Computer Surveillance: A computer investigator can monitor your computer to determine who uses it and how. They can track all usage on your computer and show you whether your computer is being used to commit computer crime.

Security Consultation: A qualified computer investigator can act as a consultant and save you thousands or millions of dollars by showing you exactly what your computer systems vulnerabilities are. By checking your computer, an investigator can give you a personalized look at what you need to do to make your computer more secure.

Computer Forensics: If you believe you have been the victim of computer fraud or a computer crime, either in your company or your home, a trained investigator can perform forensic testing and investigation to determine if there has been a breach and what the implications might be.

Computer forensics is a detailed science. However, there are many components that are common to most cases, such as:

>> Secure the subject system (from tampering during the operation)

>> Make a copy of hard drive (if applicable)

>> Identify and recovery all files (including those deleted)

>> Access/copy hidden, protected and temporary files

>> Study 'special' areas on the drive (i.e.: residue from previously deleted files)

>> Investigate data/settings from installed applications/programs

>> Assess the system as a whole, including its structure

>> Create detailed report.

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